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Unrivaled fried chicken from Manchester

chikin kingdom was originated from a deep love for fried chicken and a strong desire to share that passion with others. Our founders have always been captivated by the versatility and nutritional value of this exceptional ingredient, and their dream was to establish a restaurant that truly celebrated it

At Chikin Kingdom Manchester, crafting the perfect Korean Chicken Burger is not just a skill, it's an art form. Our dedicated team pours the creativity and expertise into every bite, ensuring a symphony of flavours and textures.
Our journey began in December 2022 when we embarked on a mission to introduce a Korean led, Asian fusion takeaway concept in Manchester. We excel in the art of Korean-inspired fried chicken, mouth watering Japanese katsu burgers, and flavourful Asian rice bowls.
Our aim was to ensure that these delightful flavours could be enjoyed by all. We've made extensive efforts to procure locally-sourced Halal products and, when needed, have gone the extra mile to import them.
Dedication, care, and attention go into crafting our food, and we welcome constructive criticism from our valued patrons as we are always striving to improve. Using only the freshest market ingredients, we are committed to delivering a fantastic experience with every bite

We believe that good food should be Fresh delicious and nutritious

Highest-quality ingredients only

At chikin kingdom, we're chicken champions! We're here to prove that chicken is the superstar of the culinary stage. Our mission? To whip up dishes that unleash the amazing flavors and textures that chicken brings to the party

At Chikin Kingdom, we're on a mission to prove that freshness is the superhero of flavor! We don our ingredient capes and embark on epic quests to source the finest, freshest ingredients. From our locally-sourced chicken to the handpicked selection of herbs and spices, we treat each component like royalty in the kingdom of taste. So, get ready to taste the magic of freshness, because at Chikin Kingdom, we're all about turning ordinary bites into extraordinary adventures!

Chikin Kingdom: Where Flavor Meets Sustainability in the Most Delicious Way!

We're like the eco-warriors of deliciousness! At Chikin Kingdom, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's our trusty sidekick. We team up with eco-conscious suppliers and tackle food waste like superheroes. Our packaging is eco-friendly, ensuring that your love for our food aligns with your commitment to sustainability. So, when you munch on our mouthwatering dishes, you're not just indulging in flavor, you're saving the planet – one bite at a time!

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